The Last Jump A Novel of World War II

by John E. Nevola



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14 Feb 2014 - " The Last Jump is a great read. I recommend it 100%. Thank you John Nevola for writing a great book. I felt it in my heart and it renewed my respect for our soldiers and what they give up for us. "

-- Karen Heflin - (Facebook)



03 Jan 2013 - " A fantastic book. I could not put it down. "

-- Frederick Wiseman - (Facebook)



02 Oct 2012 - "An amazing job and a tremendous effort by a talented writer."

-- Lt. Col. James "Maggie" Megellas, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Most decorated officer of the 82nd Airborne Division and author of All The Way To Berlin.



13 Nov 2011 - The Last Jump named Best Book of 2011 in the historical fiction genre by Branson Stars and Flags

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author and ollie north

Author is pictured with LtCol Oliver North, Co-founder and Honorary Chairman of The Freedom Alliance Foundation. 8 Dec 2011.



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The Last Jump takes us back to a time when Americans stood shoulder to shoulder in defense of liberty and freedom. It celebrates the spirit and the courage of ordinary citizens pitted against the militaristic societies of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It was a time when the sons of presidents and congressmen served, fought and died alongside famous celebrities and average citizens.

The Last Jump explores the flaws of an imperfect America, with all its incredible virtues and vexing shortcomings, as it struggled to live up to the promise of its founding ideals of equality for all.

Told through the recollections of four wartime veterans bound by a solemn pact never to reveal a shared secret, the epic spans the war in Europe from Sicily to Normandy, Holland, the Battle of the Bulge and beyond VE Day. The Last Jump evokes both the agony and the glory of the greatest conflict in human history and the special generation that earned the final victory.



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The Last Jump: A Novel of World War II


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